Fit and Flair

   For men the greatest value to wear a pair of designer jeans is fit and flair. Fit is important for guys because they like to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes, and flair is vital because guys want to be noticed. Kohls Coupons and Macys Promo Code are definitely the shops where men can purchase designer’s men jeans.
   Fit includes several categories in itself and they are pattern cut and fabric quality. As far as pattern cut, designer men’s jeans are always made to fit a specific guy’s body, therefore, no excess or little fabric exist in a final product. These jeans are made to fit one’s body perfectly so that a man would feel comfortable wearing them for any occasion. Designers can even highlight one’s body beautiful features and downgrade imperfections by means of pattern adjustments. They are always of value. The fabric quality, too, contributes to the final fit. Usually, designers use the highest quality denim to construct their jeans, meaning durable, solid, soft, and natural denim cotton. For example, the Japanese denim is considered to be one of the best denim fabrics in the world due to its hand-made woven denim, self-finished selvage edge, and natural indigo dye.
   As far as adding flair to the designer men’s jeans, features such as designer’s name and variety play important role as well. Some designers are more famous and experienced than others, therefore, it is considered to be more prestigious to wear jeans from a popular rather than a little known craftsman. For example, designer men’s jeans made by Diesel, 7 for all Mankind, and True Religion are of great value among many men and are sold internationally, while a small local brand such as Elodie may be familiar only to some men who live in Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota.
   Variety also plays a key role in designer men’s jeans. Designers use a great variety of denim fabrics, colors, embellishments, and shapes to create their distinctive pair of jeans. For example, Japanese firm Evisu paints seagull mark on each pair of its high-quality Japanese denim jeans to give them an authentic look. In general, designer men’s jeans come in different shapes, including classic, boot-cut, and skinny and can be high or low cut at the waist. Skinny jeans have become really popular in recent years, widely marketed by fashion houses and popularized by celebrities. For men, jeans colors range from black and grey to navy and blue. Popular embellishments for men’s jeans are chains, colored tabs and studs, and simple embroidery. The Japanese denim is a very popular fabric among contemporary fashion designers due to its special qualities, and most men value them.

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