The Japanese Denim

   The fabric from which designer jeans are made is crucial to jeans marketability, because it is a part of jeans’ fit and flair. Probably one of the most authentic and high quality designer men’s jeans are made of the Japanese denim, the special value of which is so special. The unique characteristics of the Japanese denim are the old American denim-weaving technique, finished selvage edge, and natural indigo dye. Every day Kohls Coupons and Macys Promo Code are at your service and you can choose any jeans you like. The production of the Japanese denim is labor-intensive because the fabric is woven on the shuttle looms that require a manual handling. This is an old American technique to produce denim, invented by the famous creators of jeans Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. In the United States and Europe this old technique has long been abandoned for economic reasons until a small Japanese firm Evisu revived the process. Evisu was among the first design firms in the world to produce the Japanese denim according to the traditional American denim weaving process. Evisu’s founder, tailor, and jeans fan, Hidehiko Yamane, aimed at a fabric similar to the old-fashion Levi’s denim that is durable, solid, and yet soft for a comfort – only a fabric like this one can give the best fit and flair for jeans. In the 90’s, Evisu set up traditional Levi’s shuttle looms in its manufacturing plant and hired workers to operate them to produce authentic denim. Today Evisu is an international brand with four hundred stores worldwide specializing in the high quality Japanese denim designer men’s jeans.
   Besides an old American denim-weaving technique, the Japanese denim is created with a self-finished selvage edge that does not fray, enhancing jeans fit and flair. Finally, the Japanese denim is dyed with a natural rather than a synthetic indigo, giving it a deep and rich color that endures for decades.
   In addition to authenticity and high quality, designer men’s jeans made out of Japanese denim are very stylish to wear not only because of the vintage trend, but also because of the shapes and colors that these jeans take. Men value them.
Overall, designer men’s jeans offer great value to those men, whose body types are not standard and need careful attention from a designer.

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